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Rent a car in Agrigento Sicily

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    Car rental in Agrigento, the city in the Valley of the Temples

    Agrigento is a city situated on the southern shore of Sicily, the capital of province Agrigento with population of more than half a million. This place is imbued with ancient history. In 580 BC Greeks built here a settlement, named it Akragas and soon it became one of the most famous and rich Greek colonies.

    Local nature is stunningly beautiful and during the ancient times it also provided good natural defense to the city. Agrigento stands on the very coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is protected by mountain ridge on the north and by two rivers. For its long history Agrigento often happened to become the centerpiece of numerous military conflicts as the rich and beautiful city always attracted invaders. It was conquered by Romans, Arabs, Normans. During the World War II it was heavily bombed. But significant part of its cultural heritage survived and was restored in modern times.

    Today Agrigento is a must for tourists coming to Sicily. The main reason is the abundance of unique architectural monuments. Car hire in Agrigento allows travellers to explore individually the beautiful temples and churches built in various periods of history. The main place of sightseeing is Valle dei Templi – Valley of the Temples included in UNESCO World Heritage list of places of the most important cultural significance. The name “Valley” here bears rather poetic meaning as the seven Greek temples stand in a row. These ancient buildings were erected in VI-III centuries BC. Time and wars destroyed some parts of the temples but still they look magnificent. The Temple of Zeus built in 480 BC is considered to be the biggest Doric temple ever built in the world. Valle dei Templi is especially beautiful in the evening when ancient columns acquire pink shade in the rays of setting sun.

    Car rental in Agrigento is a wonderful option to explore the city that could be compared with museum of history. Through the car window you can watch the moving kaleidoscope of historical and architectural gems – the 14th century Cathedral, Church of Santa Maria dei Greci, baroque palaces. Agrigento is a hometown of Italian writer Luigi Pirandello and today the city is proud to have a theatre named after its famous son.

    After impressive sightseeing in the city it is highly recommended to go to popular local resorts and enjoy the sea and the sun. You can easily find a rental car in Agrigento and then drive along the scenic coast adorned with white cliffs and picturesque ruins – the signs of bygone ancient grandeur. Car hire in Italy is the nicest way to get your own unique perception of this beautiful country.

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