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Rent a car in Altamura

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    Car rental in Altamura, the city of high walls and delicious bread

    Altamura is a city in Apulia region of southern Italy. If you look at the map, it is situated right above the “heel” of the Italian “boot”. It is hard to find at least one square kilometre in Italy that was not glorified in ancient legends or mentioned with regards to some important historical event. But even on this background Altamura is very notable. History is all around there. Recently the footprints of dinosaurs were discovered near the city. Remnants of prehistoric man were found in the nearby Grotto di Lamalunga. This cave was the man’s home about 400,000 years ago. Several dozens of tumuli (mounds made of stones over the graves) were also discovered near the city. You can rent a car in Altamura and drive around the area to have a look at these prehistoric monuments.

    In the Bronze Age the area was densely populated. As the legend goes, the town was founded by Antellus, a friend of Aeneas, the famous hero of the Trojan War. The settlement was called Alter Illium what means “the other Troy”. As one more legend goes, it was Althea, the ruler of Myrmidons, who founded the city. Myth or not, Altamura is still there. Its modern name is associated with high defense walls around the town built in the Middle Ages.

    For Altamura residents one of the main reasons to be proud of is their famous bread. As Italians say, “Bread is like a bell tower. In every city it is unique and incomparable”. And if Italians themselves agree that Altamura bread is one of the best in the country then you can trust these words. It was praised by ancient Roman poet Horace who wrote that the bread was so good that even a weary traveller on leaving Altamura had “to carry it willingly on his shoulders”. Round loaf with light-yellow crumb and thick crust is the best souvenir you can bring home from Altamura.

    Car hire in Altamura is an excellent opportunity to explore the city and to have a look at its impressive sights. The main landmark is the magnificent Romanesque Altamura Cathedral built in the 13th century. Its Gothic portal is absolutely beautiful – you can spend several hours examining sculpted panels of the arch over the entrance. Medieval walls and fortifications are especially popular among younger tourists. Museum of Archaeology has numerous exhibits with artifacts excavated at the ancient sites around the city. Make your visit in this old and beautiful town individual and rich in impressions with the help of car rental in Altamura.

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