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  • Mesa Car Rental

    You can't get much more Western than Arizona. This is one of the most unique states in the whole of America, and the city of Mesa is one of the most interesting. The best way to see the many sights in this city is to rent a car in Mesa. The reason is simple: the best attractions are often miles apart, and you will need your own transportation to get to them all.

    If you are visiting with the family, make time to drive over to the i.d.e.a. Museum (this is not a typo). Here you and the kids can explore your wildest imagination through exhibits of science, art, and technology. There are many interactive systems that you won't find in any other museum. And don't miss the outdoor atrium where you can get a great meal.

    Another fantastic place to visit with the family is the world famous Arizona Museum of Natural History. This is the best natural history museum in the whole state of Arizona. Here you can learn more about the culture of the Southwest as well as more about its history. The museum takes you from the creation of the Earth to the present day. You can see meteorites, minerals, and dinosaurs! And don't miss the awesome Walk Through History exhibits that let you see what life was like in prehistoric times.

    Veterans (and anyone interested in airplanes) will love visiting the Airbase Arizona Museum. You can see a variety of WWII artifacts, exhibits, and memorabilia from WWII. You can also see many planes, and even take a ride in one.

    As you can see, if you hire a car rental in Mesa, you and the family can see many attractions, view unique landscapes, and enjoy some of the best food in the Southwest.