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  • Novosibirsk Car Rental

    Novosibirsk is the third largest city in Russia and has an extremely chilly weather, though summers are somewhat warm. The city is a very traditional one, and has got some very good monuments. If you are engrossed in discovering real Russia and Siberia and appreciating Russian culture, visit to Novosibirsk becomes a must. You should book a car rental in Novosibirsk, if you want to have the trip timings on your disposal. There are plenty of places to roam around in the city; some are Novosibirsk State Museum, Lenin Square, Novosibirsk's Nikolai Chapel, Novosibirsk Zoo, Akademgorodok and IKEA, MEGA.

    Even though the city has a lot of public transport like Taxis, metro, buses, street railways or trams, it is still suggested to rent a car, even though it might be slightly expensive. Also since very few people in Novosibirsk know English, it becomes very difficult to communicate in a public transport. There are many advantages of the same in addition to being time and effort saving. You can add flexibility to your plan and alter the pickup and drop location and timings as per your wish. There are various car rentals in Novosibirsk, which provide services for the same. You just have to select the perfect one for you, considering your budget and your needs.

    These agencies for car rentals in Novosibirsk have their websites which provides detailed information about costs, timings, and conditions of the place to be visited. One such website, that you can check, is You should look for extra discounts and promotional offers made available by the company for customers. You should also try to avoid fake companies and hidden costs, and should look at the insurance covers and other facilities offered in the car. Also carry all the necessary papers that you may be asked for, while driving.


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