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  • Palanga Car Rental

    Palanga is definitely the biggest and the most universal seaside resort of Lithuania. The seacoast is famous for its beautiful beaches of white sand and dunes and is divinely natural. The resort has plenty of pubs, cafes, restaurants, bars, discotheques etc. To be at almost every happening place, all you need to look for is the best car rental in Palanga. There are many other places of tourist importance, like the Palange regional park, the Tiskevicius Palace, the museum of Antanas Moncys, the Savuck gallery,the Palangas botanical garden and the Basanavicius street. The list seems endless.

    If you are planning to travel around the city without worrying about the time you might spend at any place, hiring a personal cab is surely the best option. There are plenty of agencies that provide car rental in Palanga. While the normal belief is that booking cars beforehand might prove expensive, it is not the case if the selection of the car rental company is done smartly. These companies have their websites which you can visit and plan your travel. One such website is These websites also come up with discounts and offers frequently, which should not be missed out.

    While making booking you get an option of car selection where you can choose the right car with the basic amenities that you might need during your travel. You cab economize on your costs if you choose the used cars, which are maintained in very good conditions rather than going for luxury cars. . You should also take only compulsory insurances, and avoid hidden expenses. There are also some basic requirements of car rentals in Palanga. You need to carry a credit card with you and also your driving license and the vehicle’s papers. You should also be at least 21 years old, if you are driving.


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