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  • Pay for the road in Europe: the price list!

    A season of active travelling by car has come to Europe. To prevent your astonishment after navigators’ words: «Attention: paid road ahead» we publish the European road price list.

    Austria: for the use of autobahns and highways you will have to pay. The pass for 10 days costs 7,60€, for two months – 21,80 €, annual, including December of the previous year and January of the following – 72,60 €. For the journey through the Alpine tunnels you will have to pay separately.

    Belgium: all of the roads are free and are illuminated at night.

    Germany: was and remains to be the unique country in Europe, where driving through autobahns is still free of charge. Nevertheless, Federal Ministry of Transport considers various scenarios of introduction the payment for using federal autobahns and highways.

    Denmark: it’s free of charge to drive through all of Denmark roads, except for the Store Belt bridge between the west and east part of the country and the Oresund bridge that leads to Sweden.

    Netherlands: it’s free of charge to drive through all of Netherlandsk roads, except several bridges and tunnels.

    Poland: you will have to pay only while driving through several autobahn parts, but the fee is not higher than 3€.

    France: almost all important parts of autobahns are not free of charge – you will have to pay and average fare will be about 5 € for 100 kilometres.

    Czech Republic: the pass, that is necessary for journey country’s autobahns costs about 6 € per 10 days, 11 € per two months and 29 € per a year.

    Switzerland: the unique way to pay for your way through the country – an annual pass – costs about 40 ₣ (about 31 €) and works, as well as in Austria, in December of the previous year and in January of the following. The government discusses a question to increase the payment from 40 ₣ to 80 ₣.