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  • And here we are - all in white!

    It is considered to be, that paradise for the former “clubber” is an event called - «Sensation White». But «SW» is the place not only for party-people, but also for tourists wishing to spend their vacation in very interesting, emotionally filled and funny way. «SW» traditionally passes on the main covered arena of the city – Amsterdam Arena - on the first Saturday of July. Huge dancing space and ten thousand people in white from different cities all over the world. The event has it's own special dress-code – all people should wear white! A party slogan: "Be Part Of The Night - Dress in White". On Sensation White the most popular music is trance and house. But for last couple of years sponsors tries to adopt DJ and electronic styles.

    If you will enter «Sensation White» in your holiday-calendar (places to visit) you won't be able only to dance all night long till the morning, but also visit some of city-surroundings, do some shopping or simply drive around on your rented car. And will help you with it.

    So, here is the Sensation White calendar:

    • 21 of May - Belgrade.
    • 28 of May - Prague.
    • 18 of June – Sao Paulo – Brasil.
    • 18 of June - Saint-Petersburg.
    • 2 of June – Amsterdam.
    • 13 of August – London.