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  • Bad-Bad Hitler!

    The authorities of Germany have recently published a ticket for speeding, given out to Adolf Hitler. The document has been found in "the Bavarian archive". From the receipt, it became known that one of the most malicious and bloody dictators in the history tried to evade from the penalty.

    According to the document, on September, 19th, 1931 in vicinities of Ingolstadt the police officer, Probst, recorded violation of traffic rules: equipped with the motor of raised capacity Mercedes c number II A - 19357 moved towards Munich with a speed about 55,3 km/h, that is twice faster permitted. Such infringement was punished by "an immediate excommunication" from driving. "Incident has occurred long before a century of road video cameras", therefore two officers with stopwatches defined speed.

    Having inquired, Probst has found out that the car belongs to Adolf Hitler living in Munich Printsregent shtrasse, 16 (today in this premise the police station settles down). "Hitler has declared that he wasn’t driving at that moment, but his driver Julius Shrek, and that he was instructed " to go as fast as possible ", without having explained, for what", - the article says.