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  • Black or White?

    Scientists from Laboratory of Berkeley (USA) have decided to find out advantages in profitability of the color of the car and proved that the white, silver and other light colored cars reflect about 60 % of sunlight. It makes them economic in comparison with dark color cars.

    It is all about air-conditioners – all cars are equipped with ones. Based on experimental measurements and computer modeling scientists have established that for cooling of the silver car an air-conditioner requires on 13 % less energy, than for cooling the black one. Thus, the use of a white or silver paint will save you 2 % of fuel, will lower emissions of carbonic gas on 1,9 %, and other harmful substances - on 1 %. Probably, these figures seem insignificant, but in recalculation on a large motor car parked all around the world, the economy will make billion liters of expensive fuel.