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  • French people rest more than any other nation

    Harris Interactive research company figured out how much different nations worldwide rest. First on the list turned out to be French people. Their vacation time is 30 days per year. This is more than people in Spain, Germany, Denmark and Brasil have. In Europe France is ahead of Italians by 2 vacation days, British, Norwegian, Swedes and Dutch by 5 days and Irish by 9 days.

    In France, Spain, Germany and Brasil people use all vacation days, but Italians use only 21 vacation days from 28 available. In Germany and Netherlands people do not use 2 vacation days and in Ireland – only 1. Japanese have 11 vacation days per year but rest only for 6 days.

    20% citizens explain their retreat from vacation days with financial problems, 22% admit they do not have time to plan their vacations and they think of vacation too late. 15% prefer to work and get compensation for vacation days. 8% think, that if they take full vacation, their colleagues will take it bad. 7% are afraid to go on vacation and miss something important and 6% admit work as their life priority.

    This year 13% French people are going to rest less than it is determined, 76% will rest as usual and 7% would like to rest longer. And when you rest - rent a car to make your vacation even more fascinating.