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  • Hippie mobile is back on track

    Volkswagen Transporter T2 – is the classics of the 60s and an iconic car. Desperately nostalgic Europeans now can go back to youth and buy brand new Camper built on the base of this van. Volkswagen puts on the Netherlands market Campers, built in Brasilia, at the average price of € 32,425.

    In Brasilia Transporter T2 is known as Kombi and has strong demand on local market and numerous Fan Clubs of its first and second generation all over the world.

    T1 first generation (1950 – 1975) was one of the first civil minivans and became the symbol of the whole hippie era. It was very convenient, unpretentious, capacious and charismatic van for their travellings.

    The second generation ideologically follows its ancestor keeping its spirit, so popularity of this model and nostalgic feelings of the Europeans are not surprising.

    Modern T2 version is the real mobile home, which means it has road kitchen with refrigerator, stove and sink, bed, folding table and even leather upholstery. The maximum price of its top model is € 56,000.

    T2 has 1.4L Engine with 80hp, 4-speed manual transmission. Its maximum speed is 135kph and it accelerates to 100kph in 16 seconds.