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  • There would be no iCar without Steve Jobs?

    It is quite likely, that the death of Steve Jobs will have a negative affect on announced prospects for cooperation between two Silicon Valley companies: Apple and Tesla Motors. They planned to build brand new electric car by the name of iCar. As always, Jobs wanted to create a revolution, but this time in car industry.

    As Apple representative mentioned earlier: “We expect of iCar to create such a revolution in car industry, as iPod created in music industry earlier. Our goal was to invent a brand new car, unlike of any existing cars.”

    Like iPhone and iPod, electro car iCar supposed to get simplified control interface and innovative pedal, which had to replace traditional accelerator and brake pedals. iCar electronics would be more secure than in regular cars.

    Right after the death of Steve Jobs investors started to sale their share, which means, that his successors in the hear future have to give up on ventures.

    Alliance of Apple and Tesla Motors could give electro car industry new impulse. Without doubt, creator of Macintosh, iPod, iTunes Store and founder of Pixar Animation Studios, could make it happen. And who knows, how outstanding and innovative could be new iCar.