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  • In the near future Nissan cars will read driver's mind!

    Nissan company engineers along with their Swiss colleagues combined device for brain activity registration with human behaviour analysis program and developed a system that can read driver's mind, predict his next move and drive a car with mind force.

    Scientists already tried to make similar systems while working on self-contained car project. They combined commercially available device for brain electric signals registration with program, which expounded it into wheel turning and pedal pressing.

    But in the real situation this kind of mind transformation into driving would be too slow. That's why Swiss-Japanese collaboration added system, monitoring driver's eye movement and situation on the road. Program analyzes entering data and tries to predict, what driver is planning to do in a matter of few seconds till he or she's done that.

    This program is currently being tested on car simulators. Its integration terms into real Nissan models are not known yet.