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    One hotel in Milan called “Palace Hotel di Milano Marittima” to attract more clients came up with an unusual marketing move. From April 2011 every client will have a gift from the hotel - a pair of Italian shoes made especially for him by very well known workshop “Calzoleria Gregorio 1945”. At the very first day in the hotel the cobbler takes measurements and after that makes a pair of shoes. The shoes are made based on traditional Italian technologies, with use of only a genuine leather and glue on a water basis.

    This action can be beneficial for all: to hotel owners, the shoe workshop and, of course, the clients. After all, everybody likes gifts in spite of the fact that its cost is for certain included in the account for residing.

    And municipal authorities of Venice have decided to impose Venice Hotel guests with an additional tax since July the 1st, 2011. All of the hotel clients in Venice will surely pay if 10 years and older. The amount of tax will be calculated based on the hotel category and the number of nights spent by the client. In five-star hotel the tax will be 5 euro per night, in three-star – 3 euros. The tax will effect the clients life only for 5 nights.

    Hotels in Venice are famous as one of the most expensive in Italy, and now the cost of residing per one person for five days will raise for 15—25 euros. But there is a small relief – from November till February, the tax will be lowered.

    The Venice authorities think that the additional inflow in the state treasury will be bigger than 20 million euro annually. It is planned that the funds will go on carrying out of restoration works which are so necessary to Venice. We remind that similar taxes are raised from the hotel clients in Rome and Florence, but the sum of such taxes doesn't exceed one euro from the person per night.