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  • Jeremy Clarkson is the new voice of the “Tom Tom”!

    The famous “Top Gear” headliner Jeremy Clarkson announced, that he will be the new voice of English sat nav by company “Tom Tom”. There will be no please voice anymore like “Turn left, please”. No polite lady's voice telling you to “Do a U-turn where possible ”. From now mr. Clarkson will bark at you, like “Turn right. Turn RIGHT. You missed it! For the love of . . !”

    But he won't be the only man from the “Top Gear” who become a voice of sat nav...well, not voice, of course. Famous “Top Gear” driver The Stig will also be in the “Tom Tom”. But, as we all know, he don't talk much and in the sat nav...he will not either.

    We all remember how Clarkson hates navigators: “And why in God’s name do the controls have to be so complicated? I don’t need sites of special interest. What I do need is a huge off button, six inches across and painted DayGlo yellow” and also his words about German’s navigator ”it needs the button “only goes to Poland ””.

    So, from now we are waiting the new “Tom Tom” with our favourite “Top Gear” characters!