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  • 3 Korean Students amazed the Ferrari design contest!

    Kim Cheong Ju, Ahn Dre and Lee Sahngseok from Seoul's Hongik University have won the World Design Contest 2011 with the amazing car that maybe could become a future of Ferrari.

    Korean Ferrari is called "Eternita". Now it is only a scale model with two seats, unreal futuristic form with Ferrari’s favorite colors – red and black.

    “Perhaps they could work for us someday” - Flavio Manzoni, head of Ferrari's Style Center concluded after the contest.

    A student from the European Design Institute in Turin and two from London's Royal College of Arts came in second and third places respectively.

    Ferrari chairman Luca Cordero di Montezemolo said that the companies’ goal was to nourish young people creativity and get some ideas from any part of the world.

    "Even though we are an Italian company and the Italian flag is on the hood and boot of all our cars, we want to keep our window on the world open," concluded the chairman of Italian supercar company.

    Also Montezemolo added, that it was a big surprise for the whole company that winners came from the one of the fastest growing markets – from Asia.

    "It's not that the future will be Asia, the future is already here and it is Asia," he said.

    Italian company expects greater China (Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan), to become its second market after the United States by the end of the year 2011, getting Germany and the whole Europe on the bronze medal place.