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  • Lexus is the best Premium car brand in Germany

    Based on results of its research, ADAC – largest and most authoritative automobile club in Germany and Europe – announced, that most satisfied with their Premium class cars are the owners of Japanese luxury automobile Lexus. The best German Premium brand – BMW – is only 10th in the list.

    ADAC asked 47 000 car owners in Germany different questions about parameters, characteristics and service of their cars.

    Lexus immediately reacted on this success and placed on its official web site quote from ADAC report: “Lexus is Number One! Japanese premium class car manufacturer demonstrated unsurpassed and outstanding results in overall standings.”

    Also in Top-5 are such brands as Subaru, Jaguar, Honda and Porsche. But results of the German “Big Three” are not so brilliant. BMW, the best of “Big Three”, is 10th. Audi – 15th, Mercedes – 19th, Volkswagen – 27th and Opel 28th.