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  • New Prius – New Price!

    The Toyota Company after the world premiere in Frankfurt of the new Prius with the system of additional charge from a house network declared its cost and has begun taking orders for the car. The socket version of Prius, which can go exclusively using electric energy, is accessible to the order in the USA at the price from 32 thousand dollars. The sales start n spring.

    Prius Plug-in can go exclusively on electric energy to 25 kilometers at speed to 100 km/h. Lithium-ion battery is charged from the house 240 Volt socket for 1,5 hours.

    According to company calculations, fuel consumption with one charge will be equivalent 2,7 liters on 100 km. In a standard mode of driving it will make about 4,8 l on 100 km. Socket Prius engine, allowing to forget about petrol refueling, is hybrid with 136 h.p.