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  • Now you can buy a car… on Cuba!

    The government of Cuba has decided to cancel an interdiction for sale and purchase of the cars that started for private persons after revolution of 1959. The decree published by official Cuban mass media, comes into force on October, 1st. It provides that Cubans and foreigners living in Cuba can buy and sell cars to each other. Besides, inhabitants are authorized to give cars like a gift.

    The decision, concerning free sale of cars, became the part of the program of economic reforms developed by the leader of the country - Raul Castro. In case of emigration, the inhabitant of Cuba can sell the car or transfer it to a member of a family, that wasn’t allowed before. The foreign citizens temporarily living on Cuba can buy only two cars during the stay. However, Cubans cannot afford a new car - the average salary in the country makes only 20 dollars a month.

    Before acceptance of the given reform, it was possible to sell or buy only the cars bought before the revolution of 1959. For this reason, there are many cars from the Soviet Union since those times when Soviet Union was one of the main allies of Cuba.