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    We provide you the review of prices in Europe with particular attention on products, clothes and service. There is a big difference in prices among of the countries in European Union. To compare prices we chose Great Britain, where prices are equal to an average in EU — 100 %.

    • In general.

    The highest price level is marked in Denmark (143% from the average level in EU) and in Finland (123%). The prices, for 10-20% exceeding average level in EU, are fixed in Luxembourg and in Sweden (120%), and also in Ireland (118%), Belgium and France (112%). But in Austria (107%), Netherlands (106%), Germany and Italy (104%) the prices approximately are 5% above an average index in EU. Little bit lower the average price-list level is Spain (97%) and Greece (96%). In Cyprus (89%), Portugal (88%) and in Slovenia (84%) prices are for 10-20% lower the average index in Europe. In Malta (79%), Estonia (75%), Czech Republic (72%) and in Slovakia the prices are 20-30% lower the average level. On 30-40% lower the average level prices are in Latvia (69%)Hungary (65%), Lithuania and Poland (63%). The lowest price level in Europe is fixed in Bulgaria (51%) and Romania (59%).

    • Food.

    The most expensive food and non-alcoholic drinks are in Denmark (136%), but the cheapest — in Bulgaria (66%). In Baltic states (Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia) prices are at medium level — 82-84%.

    The best prices on alcohol and tobacco products are in Bulgaria and Romania (64%), but the worst prices — in Ireland (170%). In Baltic countries prices are 81-83 % from an average in EU.

    • Clothes.

    The highest prices on clothes are in Sweden (115%), but he lowest — in Bulgaria (89%).

    • Cars.

    Expenses on the maintenance of personal transport are the biggest in Denmark (more, than 167% from an average index), and general vary from 88% in Bulgaria, Estonia and Romania to 120% in Portugal. In Latvia and Lithuania expenses on the car maintenance approximately are 10% less from average in European Union.

    • Hotel and Restaurants.

    Prices in restaurants and in hotels are ranging from 45% in Bulgaria to 153% in Denmark. In Baltic states prices are 22-24% lower, than average on EU.