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  • Reckless driver exceeded speed limit by 200 kph and was “spilled out” by cell phone

    Incident happened in Western Switzerland near the city of Coppet. Swiss driver gained speed on his Bentley Continental up to 320 kph, no longer has driving licence and will have to face a judge for grossest driving regulations violation, endangering the lives of others.

    He was not only driving more than 200 kph over the speed limit, but also held cell phone and made video of his speedometer. This video now is main clue against him.

    At police station driver said that behind the wheel was his friend, but police, after exploring the content of his cell phone, came to conclusion, that he travelled alone and made video himself.

    There are a lot of reckless drivers who exceed speed on their sports cars on municipal roads up to critical limit, only to fix it on camera. But, “unfortunately” for Swiss driver, he could not beat German driver achievement, who gained his Bentley Continental GT up to 340 kph.