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  • Sales season has started in Belgium

    On Tuesday, the 3rd of December, in Belgium has officially started winter sales season, which is called “les soldes” there. Sales in Belgium happen only two times a year – in January and July – and last for a month.

    This year sales has started on January 3rd, because last Monday was a non-working day. There is also a special waiting period in Belgium from November 15th till January 2nd, during which discounts on clothes, footwear and leather goods are strictly prohibited by law.

    Sales are followed by great rush in Belgium because store owners decided to bring down the prices on some goods by 70% right from the very first day. Despite crisis many Belgian women rush to department stores dreaming and wishing to buy desirable products.

    Department stores meet shopaholics with long lines in dressing-rooms and cash desks. As happened in the previous years, some of very impatient women fit their clothes and underwear right in salesrooms. provides in Belgium car rental Belgium services, information about it can be found here.