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  • Serious penalties for "crazy" drivers

    The British authorities have switched their attention from the usual drivers making small infringements, on aggressive "crazy" drivers who overtake other drivers in very impolite ways. Now for these infringements the penalty the penalty will be 100 pounds and the right to challenge the report in the court is cancelled.

    The Secretary of State for Transport of Great Britain Philip Hammond has declared: «We want to spend accurate distinction between those drivers who represent real danger on our roads – careless, dangerous drivers – and those who simply sometimes shows negligence and makes mistakes by a inattentiveness». According to the minister, the previous government has focused on technologies: the cameras were installed on our roads to fix the speed of the drivers. It means that the driver who goes 55 miles/h (88 km/h), where the limit is 50 miles/ch (80 km/h), will be punished, and the "crazy" one who is wagging on the road and not observing a distance between the cars, will be unpunished. Now the authorities have decided to make adjustments to punish more tightly those drivers who has an aggressive style of driving.