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  • Swiss hotels will become cheaper in 2012

    The National Council of Switzerland made a Christmas gift to Swiss tourism industry deciding to release hotels from VAT payments in 2012.

    Swiss frank became stronger in relation to other currencies and because of this tourist flow to Switzerland became much less recently. Tourists travel to “cheap” European countries a lot more these days.

    In order to solve this problem, compensate for losses to hotels and regain foreign tourists trust, The National Council decided to release Swiss hotels from VAT payments in 2012. It approved this idea with 93 votes “for”, 92 “against” and 5 abstentions. In the near future government must prepare a bill for Parliament in the form of special resolution.

    There are three kinds of VAT in Switzerland currently: 8%, 3.8% and 2.5%. VAT for tourism industry and hotel business is 3.8%. If hotels will be released from it, they will be able to cut down prices in order to attract foreign and Swiss tourists.

    In 2011 Swiss hotels ranked first in the list of most expensive hotel rooms with an average price of €216 per day. Depending on month, price varied from €190 to €250, but now it will be much cheaper.

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