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  • The happiest people live in Denmark

    Based on 2010 research, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development found out that happiest people in the world live in Denmark. Researchers wanted to specify in which of 40 countries live most happiest people and which factors affect their well-being. For example, 88% of Danes answered positively on the question: How do you feel today?

    On scale 1 to 10 Denmark got 7,8 points. Next on the list there are Canada, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, Australia, Israel and Finland. USA got 7,2 points. Lowest rates got Hungary and China – 4,7.

    As a result, research showed that in last 15 years level of well-being has increased. People earn more money, their living conditions and education level are much better. Also mentioned, that crime statistics is lower now.

    Based on recent Economist Intelligence Unit research, Melbourne (Australia) and Vienna (Austria) are most favorable cities for living. Experts evaluated living standards in 140 cities, not including war zones. Unfortunately, Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, for the second time in a row got the last spot on the list.