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  • The sound of a color!

    Scientists have discovered differences in the perception of the sound of cars with different colors. We "hear" through our eyes, so the bright colors like red, yellow, toxic-green or orange seem to be...noisier.

    Specialists from the “Car” at the University Duisburg-Essen in Germany published their work about cars, noises and colors.

    The scientists argue, that a noise from a red sport car affects the average person more, than the same noise from the car with more “sad” color.

    Considerng on the fact, that people have different perception of sounds and this can not be reduced, some general trends can be traced.

    According to, in statistical surveys found that cars painted in white (so popular European color) are not so visible and noisy as cars from USA, who has more bright color.

    The flashing of the fire machine, that rushs through the city, as well as a sports car engine,which drives through the racetrack sound "loud" only if the vehicles has appropriate as specific "dangerous" camouflage. If they show shades of an eggshell such machines has less impression and sound.

    From the standpoint of psychology of color, such phenomenon can be explained by the fact that the auditory perception of vehicle by a person relies on the internal "image of sounds" that this person had the opportunity to save from their previous life.