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  • The worst parking lots are in Madrid

    As Global Parking Survey research in 20 megacities showed, the best situation with parking lots is in Chicago, Los-Angeles and Toronto. The worst – in New Delhi, Bangalore and Beijing. The leaders in searching time for a parking space are Madrid (25,4 min), Paris (25 min), Mexico City (24,8 min), Beijing (23,6 min), Shenzhen (22,9 min), Bangalore (22,3 min) and Nairobi (21,7 min).

    Nearly one of four respondents (27%) mentioned that last year argued with another drivers for a free parking space. The more often it happened in New Delhi (58%), Bangalore (44%), Nairobi (43%), Milan (37%), Moscow and Beijing (both 34%).

    As research showed, the most smooth-tempered and conflict-free while parking are drivers from Chicago, Los-Angeles, Stockholm, Montreal and Singapore. The most expensive parking is also in Madrid – € 76,20 per day. In many countries is disproportionately expensive short-term parking.