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  • BookingGroup News

    24 Oct 2011
    Volkswagen can get top spot on world car market already in 2011

    German car giant Volkswagen is eager to become the major automaker in the world by the year 2018. But it can achieve its goal 7 years earlier than originally planned... Read More
    24 Oct 2011
    List of best Airports for sleeping in

    The list of best Airports to sleep in is made based on travellers reports about staying in different Airports worldwide. This year the award – Golden Pillow – received Changi Airport in Singapore... Read More
    21 Oct 2011
    Quarter of Brits communicate in social networks while driving

    Nearly 27% of British drivers communicate in social network Facebook by cell phones while driving a car. As one in five drivers said, every 15 minutes they check their cell phones including updates in social networks and microblogs... Read More
    20 Oct 2011
    Canada got best reputation in the world

    New York Reputation Institute made a list of 50 countries with best reputation. Top spot in this list got Canada... Read More
    19 Oct 2011
    London is considered the best business center in Europe again

    The capital of Great Britain has won this honourable title for the 22nd time. It became first in 6 of 12 relative categories... Read More
    18 Oct 2011
    Nissan vs blondes

    Nissan has developed new safety system in order to reduce amount of accidents on the roads. This system is already informally named “anti-blonde”... Read More
    17 Oct 2011
    The happiest people live in Denmark

    Based on 2010 research, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development found out that happiest people in the world live in Denmark. Researchers wanted to specify in which of 40 countries live most happiest people and which factors affect their well-being... Read More
    14 Oct 2011
    Travellers have chosen the best tourist city in the world!

    American magazine «Conde Nast Traveler» made a list of 20 best cities in the world based on tourists opinion... Read More
    13 Oct 2011
    The most expensive hotel room in Germany costs as much as a car!

    In Germany defined most expensive hotel rooms. The leader considered five-room lux apartment at Hotel Adlon in Berlin. Night at this hotel costs € 12, 500, just as new Volkswagen Golf... Read More
    12 Oct 2011
    Scientists developed a Robot car that drives and navigates itself!

    Scientists at Oxford University run trials of recently developed vehicle, named Robot car. Its main goal is to help drivers avoid traffic jams... Read More
    10 Oct 2011
    The worst taxis in Europe are in Rome

    Italian Automobile Club (ACI) made rating of best and worst taxis in European cities. It was based on its cost and level of service... Read More
    7 Oct 2011
    White is the most popular car colour of 2011

    According to one of the major paint makers PPG Industries research, 21% of cars, sold in 2011 all over the world, were white... Read More
    6 Oct 2011
    Reckless driver exceeded speed limit by 200 kph and was “spilled out” by cell phone

    Incident happened in Western Switzerland near the city of Coppet. Swiss driver gained speed on his Bentley Continental up to 320 kph... Read More
    5 Oct 2011
    The worst parking lots are in Madrid

    As Global Parking Survey research in 20 megacities showed, the best situation with parking lots is in Chicago, Los-Angeles and Toronto. The worst... Read More
    4 Oct 2011
    Europeans are not in a hurry to buy electric cars

    Despite government grants, electric car sales in Europe are on a very low level. Such conclusions marketing agency JATO Dynamics got, based on electric car sell results analysis in the first half of 2011... Read More
    3 Oct 2011
    In the near future Nissan cars will read driver's mind

    Nissan company engineers along with their Swiss colleagues combined device for brain activity registration with human behaviour analysis program and developed a system that can read driver's mind, predict his next move and drive a car with mind force... Read More
    1 Jul 2011
    Experienced drivers won’t pass the driving test

    One of the British companies made an interesting research and the subject was: how real driving experience influences on the knowledge of the theory of traffic regulations? As the focus-group 500 drivers were chosen and have been divided on several categories... Read More
    27 Jun 2011
    Beware of the drowned car

    Considering tsunami consequences in Japan, on the worldwide markets of second-hand cars the probability to buy a car delivered from the country of a rising sun after its "bathing" has sharply increased... Read More
    20 Jun 2011
    Pay for the road in Europe: the price list!

    A season of active travelling by car has come to Europe. To prevent your astonishment after navigators’ words: «Attention: paid road ahead» we publish the European road price list... Read More
    10 Jun 2011
    Serious penalties for "crazy" drivers

    The British authorities have switched their attention from the usual drivers making small infringements, on aggressive "crazy" drivers who overtake other drivers in very impolite ways. Now for these infringements the penalty the penalty will be 100 pounds and the right to challenge the report in the court is cancelled... Read More
    31 May 2011
    U.S. Car rental companies want to penalize customers

    According to statistics, almost 30 % of advanced orders of booking a car lease remain non-realized, i.e. clients don't come after the ordered car. In this situation the car-rental companies are loosing their money, especially during the prime-season... Read More
    30 May 2011
    England loses tourist attractiveness

    The wave of euphoria from the royal wedding which has considerably helped the tourist industry of Great Britain, has already passed, and the country promptly loses the appeal as a tourist direction... Read More
    27 May 2011
    Face-control on a beach

    The authorities of Bulgaria this year tries to enter the new face-control system on resorts of Solar coast. All resort's visitors should have to carry their documents to prove the identity. Representatives inspectors will check all «suspicious persons»... Read More
    26 May 2011
    Instead of camping – a gipsy van

    Tourists, who travel around Scotland now have an opportunity to stay for the night in a house on wheels, similar to a gypsy tent.For this purpose nearby to the Eildon Hills that is in 53 km to the south-east of Edinburgh, the unusual hotel «Roulotte Retreat» recently has opened... Read More
    25 May 2011
    And here we are - all in white!

    It is considered to be, that paradise for the former “clubber” is an event called - «Sensation White». But «SW» is the place not only for party-people, but also for tourists wishing to spend their vacation in very interesting, emotionally filled and funny way... Read More
    25 May 2011
    ROCK Forever!

    This year from June, 30th till July, 3rd will be one of the largest rock festivals in the world - Rock Werchter. We are waiting the whole scattering of stars of world size: The Chemical Brothers, Linkin Park, Kings Of Leon, Coldplay, Portishead, The Black Eyed Peas , Iron Maiden... Read More
    24 May 2011

    Many drivers have no idea how to drive a car without using a GPS-navigator. They use it even on the simplest routes. However, it appeared that such fashionable and useful device gives a rise to the drivers' dependency and topographical cretinism... Read More
    17 May 2011
    On a rented car across the Montenegro

    Montenegro – a beautiful and amazing country which has kept its original identity. And there is no wonder this small country is called «the European national park». A variety of the nature, an abundance of historical monuments, healthy air, and hospitality of local people... Read More
    16 May 2011
    Rent an electric car in Sweden

    There is a new opportunity in Stockholm – to rent an electric vehicle. It can be done on the Slussen gas-station near the subway station with the same name. The rent time is limited: from 8.00 till 18:00, because the car should be charged during the night on the gas-station... Read More
    11 april 2011
    Because of the riots and political cataclysms in Egypt, Russian travel business is confused. Since February Russians are being deprived of rest at Hurghada, Sharm-El-Sheikh resorts, and the Red sea shores. Damages, that are done to the travel industry, are equal to the losses that were made by the financial-economic crisis in 1998. Last year more than 12,5 million trips abroad were made by Russian tourists, 2,8 millions or 22,2% were made to the Egypt. Furthermore, Ismail Amer Hamid, attaché of the Egyptian embassy in Russia, stated that in 2010 there were more Russian than Great Britain, Germany and Italy citizens... Read More
    21 january 2011
    At the beginning of 2010 BookingGroup took part in an International tourism exhibition called Fiture2010 which took place in Madrid who’s main aim was to solve issues concerning vehicle shortages during summer seasons particularly addressing Spain. Major analytics predict that year 2010 will bring sudden demand rising above supply which could consequently lead to price rises or even vehicle shortages. Also their conclusions point out that there are 30% less vehicles available for rentals that should normally be available. Never the less SIXT, ATESA BookingGroup are currently in talks with commercial banks and car producers to expand their vehicle fleets. recommends to plan ahead client’s travel arrangements especially when travelling to Spain and going to Malaga, Alicante, and Barcelona where booking well in advance is advisable in order to avoid discomfort.
    19 january 2011
    Subscribers to our newsletter has exceeded 19,000 mark
    15 january 2011
    Launch of a new and innovative web site design:
    30 december 2010
    In December 2009 BookingGroup served 2354 customers which used online car rental services booking vehicles throughout Europe. The biggest demand was observed from 15th December 2009 until 24th December that same year. During this period BookingGroup customer service operators were working at full speed making sure everyone was served to the highest level of satisfaction. The main destination during pre holiday times were: Germany – Munich, Switzerland – Geneva, Austria – Vienna, The Baltic States – Riga, and Finland – Helsinki. BookingGroup would like to remind our customers that we are not just there during your booking but we are there to help and facilitate before, during and after your booking experience.
    14 december 2010
    During the last few month BookingGroup has signed additional long terms agreements with 28 car rental suppliers mainly based in Spain, Italy, Germany and in Thailand. At the moment were are one of the biggest booking organisations operating on the Europian markets. The main philosophy of our organisation is to facilitate client’s booking experience, offering affordable and high service. BookingGroup is not just a booking broker but it is a team of experienced individuals specialising in the field of car rentals business.
    7 december 2010
    In the next few month BookingGrop is planning to launch new services in the field of online flight ticket and hotels bookings. Please see our . Keep track of our online news bulletins and be the first to know about our unique offers.