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  • Aircrews defined an image of the ideal passenger

    Nov 20, 2012, 14:05
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    The survey held among 700 aircrews in 85 countries made it possible to define what the ideal airline passenger is like.

    According to the results of a survey held by Skyscanner, this is a 30-40 year old man, traveling alone in an economy class rather for his own pleasure than for business purposes. Aircrews communicate with people of different quarters of society and according to the fact that about 3 million people travel by planes every day, it is easy to imagine that some passengers' habits and demands could be simply unbearable. Besides, premium class passengers are intolerable more often than those who travel by economy class. The first ones are always respectful and modest unlike the second ones who annoy aircrews with their constant grumbling and desire for special attention to their VIP-person.

    According to a survey, 26% of aircrews are most offended by the passengers who snap fingers to draw attention of the flight attendant. Another thing that annoys aircrews is when passengers try to leave their seat before “fasten seat belts” indicator goes out or place too many luggage to the top shelves for hand luggage holding (13% and 11% respectively).

    Besides, one in ten flight attendants is annoyed by people talking during the safety rules demonstration before departure. Aircrews consider that many of frequently flying passengers feel too lightly about this really important procedure.

    Another 7% mentioned as annoying passengers' habit to put garbage in seat pockets and 6% of respondents do not like if passengers call flight attendant only to complain on the air temperature in a cabin and the same number of passengers consider annoying if they are asked to bring another meal.

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