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  • Airless tires got into production

    Mar 15, 2013, 09:46
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    Many companies including Michelin and Bridgestone are working on airless tires nowadays. But there is only one company that announced serial production of these wheels – Polaris, manufacturer specializing in off-road vehicles. Polaris plans to introduce to the market “tires of the future” already next year.

    The wheel, developed by the company Resilient Technologies (the part of Polaris since 2012), reminds by its operating principle famous project Michelin Tweel with the space between wheel center and its external rim is filled with elastic needles. But in Polaris project's case, it uses cell structure of patent composite material instead of needles. Its cells properly keep the wheel shape and hold the car body weight thanks to its hardness and soften impulses of contacts with road unevenness due to its flexibility.

    According to Polaris, these innovative wheels passed long-term tests, which confirmed they are not afraid of mechanical damages and are pretty able to replace the standard pneumatic-tire wheel. The wheels have been shot with an automatic weapon and have been tested in the roadless terrain about 5,000 hours.

    Besides, construction of internal cells is thought-out in that way so branches and stones won't stick inside them. Airless tire more safely stays on the road, providing more distinct reactions to steer movement and is not so loud as well: according to manufacturers, pneumatic tire's cavities filled with air play part of the resonator which reinforces sound, while their project is rid of it.

    The price of a new wheel is not known yet, but as manufacturers say, it won't be exorbitant.

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