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  • Americans chose cars with best reputation

    Feb 05, 2013, 14:14
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    American journal “Consumer Reports” announced the list of cars with best reputation in owner's opinion. Experts conducted a survey among several thousands Americans over the US to make the list.

    The cars were estimated by seven characteristics: quality, safety, price, dynamics, design, innovative technologies and environmental friendliness. Respondents were asked to call the best model in each category. Then experts calculated the percent index of how many times the company has been named in each case. Then, after summarizing percent indexes, they got the total score.

    The half of cars, forming the Top-10, are American but the leader is Japanese brand Toyota, that sold more cars in 2012 than any other automotive brand.

    According to experts, the leaders this year are the same as last year, except for electric cars' manufacturer Tesla. Right after Toyota there is Ford on the second place, Honda on the third, Chevrolet on the fourth and Mercedes-Benz completes the Top-5. The places from sixth to tenth in the list of cars with best reputation are taken by the following car brands respectively: Volvo, Cadillac, BMW, Dodge and Tesla.

    The list of cars with worst reputation is headed by Scion – American subunit of Toyota. There are represented mostly foreign companies except for Ram and Jeep. The full list looks like this: Scion, Mitsubishi, Ram, Fiat, MINI, Land Rover, Jaguar, Mazda, Jeep, Porsche.

    Americans mentioned the quality of the car as the key factor when buying the new car. The second is safety, the leader of the last year. Volvo cars were chosen the most safe yet again, the best cars in value for money category were called Honda and Toyota, the cars with best dynamics are Ferrari and BMW. Audi was named “The most stylish brand” and the Top 5 of cars with best innovative technologies consists of Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac, Ford and Lexus. The most environmental friendly were named Toyota, Smart, Tesla, Honda and Ford for their hybrid and electric models.

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