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  • Americans consider Japanese cars the most reliable

    Oct 30, 2012, 10:39
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    According to American motorists, the most reliable cars in 2012 had been produced by Japanese vehicle manufacturers that managed to take seven places in Top 10 list leaving aside their European and US rivals.

    The ranking was made based on 800,000 Consumer Reports subscribers' opinion appraising their own cars. 86 of 90 Japanese vehicles taking part in the ranking were appraised well. 35 of them were appraised with a highest grade and the most reliable car was considered a subcompact hybrid Toyota Prius C. The American car receiving fewest number of complaints was Cadillac CTS Coupe.

    At the bottom of the list of 28 brands there are Lincoln and Ford. According to experts, the most criticized models are Focus, Fiesta and Explorer. A lot of motorists were dissatisfied with MyFord and MyLincoln multimedia systems' operation algorithm. The same situation was last year when US drivers also complained of Ford. American vehicle manufacturer was 20th in the list of 28 cars then and Japanese cars had taken leading positions as well.

    In June this year similar ranking was made by J.D. Power and Associates company. According to the results of the 74,000 American motorist's quiz, the most reliable were considered Lexus cars. Second in the list was Jaguar followed by Porsche and Cadillac.

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