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  • Autopilot for new Audi A8

    Jan 24, 2013, 14:12
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    The next Audi A8 generation that is going to hit the market in 2016 will be fitted with independent control system, able in certain circumstances to completely substitute the driver and deal with traffic jams – the most draggy and nervous part of the city driver's life.

    The system receives information on what's happening on the road through the broad range of sensors and video cameras, as well as with specially developed laser. The laser is so small that it can be placed inside the radiator grill. As a result, this system is able to quickly retrace emergent obstacles, but according to Audi it works only at the speed of up to 60 kph.

    It is not known yet, how much the new system differs from adaptive cruise control, but it looks like it is able as to accelerate and stop the car, as to drive it: the electronic brain keeps the car in a chosen traffic lane.

    As Audi representatives say, it was the low cost of the model that let fit production cars with this system. There would be no additional changes made to steering configuration or brakes – they will remain standard.

    The cars fitted with this autopilot have driven 37,000 km without human intervention. The main sales areas for A8 cars fitted with this system will be USA and Japan. There are also specialists of such car manufacturers as Lexus, Volvo, BMW, Cadillac and Volkswagen working on similar devices and ready to fit their production cars with it.

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