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  • Belgium abandons the idea of road vignettes

    Jul 19, 2013, 10:48
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    There will be no vignettes on the Belgian roads in the near future despite they supposed to come into effect in 2016. Such a decision was made by the authorities of three regions of the country: Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels. The Flemish Government has never had any enthusiasm against road vignettes and authorities of Wallonia considered this system to be less profitable than it could be.

    Belgian vignette was planned to be virtual, not a special sticker placed on a wind-screen, that could be bought online, SMS-service or at the maintenance station. Belgian authorities were about to set 840 cameras to control the purchase of virtual vignettes and keep track of those road-users neglecting the requirements.

    Belgium is a federal monarchy located in Western Europe. It is divided in three regions: Dutch-speaking Flanders in the north, francophone Wallonia in the south and Brussels, the bilingual capital, where French and Dutch share official status. Belgium is a founding member of the European Union hosting several European institutions and NATO headquarters. It is worldwide famous for its chocolate, waffles, French fries and comic books about Smurfs and Tintin.

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