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  • Bentley sensationally introduced its first SUV

    Mar 08, 2012, 10:14
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    It finally happened: luxurious automotive brand Bentley decided to introduce its own SUV. The first off-roader in brand's history is called EXP 9 F and it is fitted with six cylinder W12.

    But do not hurry to visit Bentley official dealers, this is still a concept car.

    It is not known yet when EXP 9 F serial production will be launched. This project is too risky for Bentley, but it also can produce an impressive profit – like, for example, it happened with Porsche, after first Cayenne had been launched.

    According to Bentley representatives, this concept is absolutely best vehicle in SUV segment and a new landmark for all off-roader manufacturers. This prototype, of course, is made in accordance with branded Bentley stylistics: as on the exterior, as in the luxurious interior, made using elements of finewood and expensive leather.

    New Bentley is also interesting from a technological point of view: its W12 engine with two turbo-chargers develops 600 hp and 800 Nm and unitizes by an 8-gear automatic transmission. Passengers sitting at the rear seat have an opportunity to use fold-down keyboard and will have an Internet access through iPad or any other electronic device.

    It is not known yet, on which platform new vehicle is based, but it most probably is VW platform, which are being used for Porsche Cayenne and VW Touareg. As Bentley representatives told at the International Geneva Motor Show, serial version may also be fitted with four-cylinder turbo V8 and hybrid engine.

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