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  • Blue color helps not to sleep behind the wheel

    Dec 03, 2012, 12:04
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    According to researchers from France, blue color inside a car helps drivers not to fall asleep during the road trip at night. Based on the results of an experiment, they found out that the blue backlight has the same effect as a coffee.

    During the experiment they chose 48 male-volunteers who had been asked to drive 400 km behind the wheel three nights in a row, making 15 minutes long breaks in the middle of the trip. Experimental car was fitted with a blue LED lamp.

    Some of the drivers turned on the lamp when driving and others drank coffee (2 cups – before the start of a journey and during the brake). Besides, some drivers got caffein-free coffee not knowing about it. Researchers checked placebo effect in that way.

    According to the result of experiment, researchers found out that blue color affects driver quite the same way as coffee. The negative side of coffee is that it has effect only during certain period after it has been taken. And a blue color may not be turned off all over the way.

    Scientists estimated drivers' actions during driving process, for example, crossing of the road marking (when driver gets tired and drops guard). Volunteers with a blue color turned on crossed marking 15 times. Drivers, which drank a cup of coffee, had driven over a marking 13 times. Those who drank caffein-free coffee observed the road worse than others and 26 times crossed the marking. According to experts, blue color affects brain cells in a certain way by enforcing attention focusing. Besides, it restrains the effect of melatonin – hormone which causes oscitancy.

    Scientists are sure that the right use of a blue backlight inside of the car could help cut the number of accidents on the road. They are going to repeat the experiment but this time on women and seniors.

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