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  • BMW i3 electric car officially introduced

    Aug 06, 2013, 14:26
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    Automobile manufacturing company BMW based in Germany unveiled its production electric car i3 hitting the market in 2014. The car was officially introduced in three cities at once: London, New-York and Beijing.

    BMW i3 is notable for a long-term battery charge making it possible to cover about 160 km without recharge, slow-speed maneuvering capability and speed equal to sports cars: 170 hp engine accelerates i3 up to 100 kph in 7 seconds. The maximum speed of a car is 150 kph, the price is $41,350. The main rivals of the car are Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt.

    BMW is pardonably proud of its new car and insists that it should be compared not only to other production electric cars but to common city cars as well. According to manufacturers, these cars will be as much serviceable as cars with a combustion engine.

    Multimedia system is a real state-of-the-art of the BMW engineers. Each BMW i3 will be connected to Connected Drive service system via its SIM card by default. This system includes support service, information sharing with a driver's smartphone and connection to BMW servers with the purpose of accurate calculation of actual driving distance or laying the route by the navigation system making it possible for a driver to park a car on the parking found in advance and to go further on a public transport.

    It is noteworthy that BMW i3 completely developed by BMW while most of other car manufacturers order to third-party companies at least development and production of batteries when making electric cars.

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