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  • BMW introduces new front-wheel drive 1 Series GT

    Feb 16, 2012, 13:22
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    Till this Summer end BMW's work on its brand new model – 1 GT – will be finished. This vehicle will be revolutionary for BMW, because it will be fitted not only with four-cylinder engine, but also with three-cylinder, and most interesting fact is that 1 GT will be first front-wheel drive car in BMW history.

    It is expected, that BMW 1 GT will be based on the same platform as Mini new gen. BMW suppresses information about new car so far, but it is known, that its top will be relatively high and back seat can be regulated separately in various directions. BMW 1 GT will be introduced in 2014.

    But next year BMW will put on the market another compact car – i3. This city car will be fitted with hybrid propulsion system and 170hp electric motor. Battery life is expected to be 120-160km without reloading. BMW i3 with electric propulsion system will cost in Europe approximately €40 000.

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