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  • Brazil is going to reach top 5 world travel destinations

    Mar 15, 2012, 09:08
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    Brazil is going to become one of most popular travel destinations in upcoming ten years. It plans to increase number of tourists up to 7.1 million till 2015 and till 2022 it expects to reach Top 5 travel destinations in the world.

    According to Brazilian government, this is not a dream and this country has everything that is needed to reach this goal. Such great global events as 2014 World Football Cup and The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro will give an additional impulse to make Brazil an attractive travel destination.

    One of the ways to reach this goal is entry into a new markets, for example – BRICS countries (Russia, India, China, South Africa and Brazil itself). It will be very important for Brazil to show its real potential, historic sites, Amazonia, extreme and beach tourism to these countries' tourists.

    Brazilian government decided to take these measures because of tourism industry stagnation: for more than ten years Brazil is visited by 5 million tourists a year and this index does not grow. For comparison, Argentina in 2011 was visited by 5.7 million people and first country in Latin America by the number of tourists is Mexico with 22.4 million foreign visitors.

    The world leader in travel industry in 2011 was France with 76.8 foreign tourists, second and third – USA and China (54.9 and 55.7 million respectively). At 4th place is Spain with 52.7 million tourists and at 5th – Italy with 43.2 million.

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