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  • Breakthrough two-cylinder engine for Audi

    Jan 03, 2013, 12:16
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    The next generation of Audi A4 which is going to be introduced in a couple of years, will be one of the most high-tech cars in the history of world's car industry.

    It will be fitted not only with night vision system which detects pedestrians when they cross the road and project their images to a special display, Internet access, smart cruise control and automatic breaking system, but will be able to drive using just two cylinders and consume several mil of fuel for a trip as well.

    The main feature of new A4 will be a brand-new 1.4L engine fitted with a shutdown system which switches off two of four cylinders on low and middle engine speed. According to engineers from Germany, if the driver is easy, this engine will work with switched off cylinders 70% of all the trip.

    Such an engine is already being fitted to A1 and A3 cars, but it will be used for A4 for the first time ever. Besides, small engine does not confuse Audi, because European customers don't pay attention to it, fuel consumption is more important to them. The engine will be manufactured in two modifications: base 122 hp version and more powerful 180 hp version.

    Audi A4 will also be first Audi car with a new all-wheel-drive system. Mechanical differential and drive shaft won't be used for this transmission, rear wheels will be controlled by electric motors instead of them.

    The car will hit the European market in the middle of 2014 and hybrid modification will make its debut in 2015. Its engine unit consists of 211 hp 2L petrol-powered turbocharged engine, 95 hp electric motor and a set of batteries. This car will be able to drive about 50 km only on electric traction.

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