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  • Breathalyzer kit becomes a must-have option for driving in France

    Feb 24, 2012, 09:38
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    If you are about to travel in France by a car, have in mind that starting from this Summer every motorist will have to carry not only first aid kit, fluorescent safety vest and warning triangle in his car, but also breathalyzer.

    This act will become law in July. If you don't have a breathalyzer kit with you, you will be fined €11. According to authorities, drivers won't be charged until November, but breakers will be warned to necessary gather this kit.

    It is noteworthy, that motorist will have to carry two one-off breathalyzers, one to demonstrate, that he'd already passed the test, in case he was stopped by police, and another – to pass it once more in front of police officer. Besides, police will have its own breathalyzers.

    Drink-driving limit in France is 50mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood. If there were found from 50mg to 80mg of alcohol in driver's blood, he will be fined €135, if it is more than 80mg, driver could be fined €4,500 and may lose his driving license.

    The price of one-off breathalyzer will be from €1 to €2. It can be bought at ferry or tunnel terminals for crossings to France.

    However, according to specialists, early readings could be misleading, because alcohol absorbs into the blood only after some time, so, for example, 40 minutes later readings could be significantly higher.

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