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  • British scientist derived a formula of the ideal vacation

    Jul 31, 2012, 06:44
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    The scientist from the University of Essex derived a formula of the ideal vacation. According to him, it should be three-days long with a maximum of relaxation and minimum of concerns, at a distance of not more than four hours from home.

    According to the researcher David Lewis, ideal vacation is not possible without range of contributing factors including duration, cost of the journey and such components as boredom, relaxation and anxiety.

    Research showed, that many people spend their vacation so tensely, that come back home rather whacked than rested. In his opinion, the study of this problem will help explain the growing popularity of short-time vacations among residents of Great Britain, who prefer to take a rest during long weekends. The scientist believes, that the meaning of vacation is to give a human body opportunity to fill up with an energy and to help a person go home refreshed and cheerful.

    In fact, David Lewis considers, that overindulgence of whims, that a man permits himself during vacation – from the big amount of sun to overeating and drink abuse – makes longer vacation more destructive to health.

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