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  • British women park their cars better than men

    Jan 24, 2012, 08:21
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    British parking operator NCP has arranged research about how different drivers park their cars. After exploring 2,500 people's driving style, it emerged, that women park their cars better than men.

    Behavior at the United Kingdom parking lots was estimated by the following factors: how quickly driver finds parking place, how accurately he or she parked a car, wasn't it in the way of other vehicles, how quickly managed to park a car etc. As a result, men managed to show best parking time result. This manoeuvre took them 16 seconds at average, while women spent on it 21 second.

    However, most of women (77%) parked not breaking the traffic rules and not getting in the way of other drivers. This index among men was only 53%. Half of women drivers parked their cars at the center of the parking place and only quarter of men did the same.

    Third part of men (29%), that parked their vehicles at inconvenient place, performed their manoeuvre all over again. Among women this index was higher – 56% of women-drivers put the car to a more convenient place.

    As a result, women got 13.4 points from 20 possible for parking skill, and men – only 12.3. Anyway, according to analysts, only 28% of women-drivers consider they park better than men.

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