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  • Cadillac introduced innovative safety seat

    Mar 29, 2012, 08:47
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    Cadillac announced its new unusual safety system named Safety Alert Seat, that warns the driver of danger on the road with vibrating seat cushion.

    Pretty soon all Cadillac models will be fitted with it, but first vehicles to get Safety Alert Seat will be XTS and ATS sedans.

    Safety Alert Seat starts vibrating if electronics fixes the potential danger (for example, when vehicle crosses road marking without using turn signals or in case of closing with the obstacle, when parking in reverse. Herewith, if danger is fixed on the right side, seat will vibrate from the right.

    Cadillac engineers consider, that new seat will make driving process more safe. Drivers sometimes don't hear audible warning on obstacle appearance (for example, because of loud music), but vibrating seat will draw attention for sure.

    New system is part of the range of options “Cadillac Drives Awareness” and “Driver Assist”, combining such electronic assistants as head-on collision warning system, unintentional continuous line crossing, blind spot control, automatic preparation for collision, automatic slowdown when moving forward or backward, as well as adaptive cruise control and Parktronic.

    But it is worth mentioning, that Americans not the first ones understood effectiveness of vibrating seats: similar system several years is being used on Citroen vehicles.

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