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  • Changes in European traffic laws will concern tourists as well

    Jul 06, 2012, 13:38
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    During first six months of 2012 in European countries came into effect various traffic laws, that will concern local and foreign drivers.

    First of all, from the 1st of July every motorist in France should carry a breathalyzer in the car. However, French police may impose a fine for its absence only starting from November 11.

    In Germany were significantly expanded “environmental zones”, where it is forbidden to drive a car to. Only a car with a special environmental sign – green, yellow or red – can be driven to these zones. It is strongly recommended to a drivers to provide themselves with these signs, that cost about 5, but the lack of it will cost € 40.

    A new traffic rule came into effect in Austria this year: drivers staying in a traffic jam need to make a way for ambulance cars at the center of the road. They should readjust in such a way right from the moment when a traffic jam appeared on the road.

    From this year it is prohibited in Greece to smoke inside the car if a less that 12 years old child sits in a car. Breaking of this rule is imposed with a fine of € 1,500 if a breaker drives his own car. Besides, carrying in a car of a jerry can from this year is a violation as well.

    There are also such unusual laws that some people are forgotten of. For example, in Luxembourg it is necessary to carry a safety chair in a car for the kids up to... 17 years old. Although, it is necessary only if the kid is less than 1.5 meters tall.

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