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  • The city with the best economic potential is determined

    Jul 17, 2012, 15:12
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    The most economically developed city in Western Europe during next decade will be Stockholm, the capital and the largest city of Sweden.

    To such a conclusion came global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company after analyzing the results of a research and in particular – GDP per capita. According to forecasts, there will be accounted 14,000 more up to the year 2025 for a one Stockholm resident than today.

    But this parameter was not determinant. Making this list experts took into account quality characteristics as well, for example, infrastructure condition, standard of service etc.

    The capital of Sweden became the leader per totality of components. There is an optimal birth rate and good combination of science and business in Stockholm. Real estate situation is not so well, but however, experts believe in a huge development of city economy in years to come.

    Among other European cities experts specify Oslo – the capital of Norway leaves behind its competitors by the level of GDP per capita.

    There are cities in Eastern Europe that will develop faster than Scandinavian, but it is because they are on a lower starting point. But relating to the whole world, fastest economical development waits cities in China.

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