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  • Continental has tested vehicle autopilot system

    Mar 28, 2012, 10:12
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    According to “Continental” it will be used as backup system, not excepting the driver from the driving process completely. It will help on overcrowded roads with a huge traffic, or on highways, taking over the control and reducing fatigue of the driver during long trips.

    “Continental” system works on special radar base, called LIDAR (Light detection and ranging) and video cameras, identifying obstacles on the road and distance to it. Besides, it also includes cruise control, which is actively used on various production vehicles, helping to brake up to the full stop; system, that controls steering gear and self-saturating accelerator for more economical driving.

    Earlier on their own autopilot prototypes introduced BMW, Volkswagen and Volvo. If German car makers' technology lets vehicle to drive in completely automatic mode and independently accelerate, brake and pass other vehicles, then Volvo system is able to follow the vehicle taking a leader position in motorcade and driven by the professional driver.

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