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  • Disco Volante will become a production car

    Mar 13, 2012, 10:40
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    Automobile coachbuilder Touring Superleggera officially confirmed it will soon start mass production of its sensational Disco Volante coupe, introduced at The International Geneva Motor Show. But it will be a very limited edition though.

    Modern Disco Volante coupe is built in honor of famous vehicle of the past. Touring Superleggera launches it as a tribute to the memory of one of Alfa Romeo models – 1900 coupe, the design icon of the time. It was used by the Touring Superleggera 60 years ago to build a concept car under the same name.

    Modern Disco Volante is also built on the Alfa Romeo platform. It is based on 8C Competizione coupe and is fitted with 4.7L 450hp engine, located at the front of the vehicle, but within a wheel base, 6-gear sequential automatic transmission, self-locking differential and rear wheel drive. It accelerates from 0 to 100 kmh in 4.2 seconds.

    Coachbuilder officially confirms, that Disco Volante will be launched as a limited edition. But Touring Superlegerra mentioned, that this edition will be very limited: several coupes will be built for collectors, rare sports cars admirers and simply wealthy people.

    The thing is, it takes more than 4,000 man-hours of highly skilled labour to built every Disco Volante exemplar. Atelier promises to bring ready-to-use Disco Volante to a customer only 8 months after they will be provided with Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione donor exemplar.

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