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  • Electric car with the longest cruising range is ready to be introduced

    Jul 18, 2012, 11:14
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    Exagon Motors, the company from France, revealed details of an engine unit that the production version of a sports electric car Furtive e-GT with a maximum cruising range of 807 km is going to be fitted with.

    Prototype of this car has already been introduced on a motorsport circuit Magny-Cours and it will make a public debut at the Paris Motor Show in September. Production vehicle will be fitted with components made by Siemens company. There will be rechargeable lithium-ion cells with a capacity of 57 kilowatt-hours and two electric engines with a liquid cooling, developing 402 hp and 516 Nm of torsion torque.

    It is expected, that Furtive e-GT will be able to accelerate up to 100 kph in 3.5 seconds. Maximum speed is limited electronically at mark of 250 kph. The car accelerates up to 287 kph without it.

    There also will be offered modification with an internal combustion engine used only to recharge the battery on the way.

    Coupe's cruising range on electric traction will be from 197 to 402 km and with a fully fueled 25L petrol tank will be increased up to 807 km.

    The production of this model will start next year. The company expects to release 150 cars a year. Each of them will cost not less than 350.000 USD.

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