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  • Electric cars will become much cheaper

    Aug 09, 2012, 11:11
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    The cost of electric and hybrid vehicles can be cut down by 30-40% just in eight years. This will happen thanks to a sharp drop of the electric batteries cost.

    According to a consulting firm McKinsey, it will be cut down at least by 45% by the end of the decade. And this forecast can easily be called pessimistic. For example, according to General Motors the batteries will be five times cheaper till 2020 than currently. If today Chevrolet Volt battery costs about 1,000 USD for one kWh, then in 8 years the price of it will be just 200 USD.

    The reason to such a sharp drop of battery cost is very simple – technological development. Thanks to it next generation batteries will become more powerful than present by 80% at once. That said, many experts are sure that breakthrough in a new batteries development sphere should be expected in the upcoming two years – many major companies are working towards it long since.

    But cut down of the batteries cost is not the half of the story. Another area of work is development of a quick battery charge system – thanks to it electric cars will become a really mobile mode of transport.

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